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Akshay Kumar Learning to Fly

Akshay Kumar Learns to Fly a Jet Suit by Gravity Industries

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Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is known for his daredevil stunts in several action movies, but he might be on his way to be doing one of his best ones yet – flying in a Jet Suit. A video uploaded on YouTube has gone viral, which shows the Bollywood actor learning and taking his first steps towards being able to fly in a fully functional Jet Suit. The video has been uploaded by Gravity Industries which is perhaps the go-to name when it comes to Jet Suits, and they make the best combination of technology and mobility – by combining flying in a Jet Suit that is completely 3D-printed.

In the video, Akshay Kumar can be seen visiting the test facility where he is welcomed by Richard Browning, who is the Founder and Chief Test Pilot at Gravity Industries who flies to his car to welcome him. The test facility in question is the Gravity Training Site which is at an undisclosed location in the UK. First, Akshay is given the walkthrough of the Jet Suit which has five Jet engines, two fuel tanks and a control system that takes care of 1050 bhp of thrust. This is followed by flight control briefing, shut down procedure, engine start sequence, throttle trigger control and rehearsing thrust vectoring.

Once all of this is done, Akshay can be seen suiting up, practising body movement with Richard Browning and going towards the specially made rig in order to have a go at flying.

While this was only his first attempt, the actor can be seen performing well for his first try.

Recently, we got a chance to speak with Sam Rogers, Additive Design Lead at Gravity Industries who had said, “Feeling your feet leave the floor for the first time is really, really cool.”

“You leave the ground, and you are now able to be completely free in 3D space and move around, that’s a really special feeling.”

We spoke to Sam about how the suit came into existence in the first place, what are the mechanics that go behind making a suit like and what are their plans for the future.

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