Betel leaf Paan tamalapaku benefits for cancer, cough, diabetes, weight loss

Tamalapaku Leaf benefits : Betel leaf is a family of Piperaceae, mostly cultivated and consumed in India and Asia in the name of ‘Paan’ or Tamalapaku along with ‘Arcea Nut’ or tobacco. Betel Leaf has amazing herbal and health benefits which has been consumed from ancient time. Betel leaves has health benefits as they are loaded with vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, thiamine, carotene and good source of calcium.

Paan Leaf

Tamalapaku Leaf is called Paan Leaf in Hindi which was consumed most at north Indians. Tamalapaku leaves are extensively used in various cuisines too, both Indian and non-Indian ones. These leaves are a part of all dinner menu ranging from temple festivals, wedding ceremonies, birthday dinner party. As a sign of happiness two paan leaves and areca nuts and coconut are given to guests during marriage ceremony.

Tamalapaku Leaf

Betel Leaf is called tamalapaku Leaf in Telugu Vethalai in tamil most popular in south India which was consumed most during festivals and poojas and offered to God. Tamalapaku Leaf is given along with two bananas and betel tamalapaku nut as return gift to sumangali (Married) Ladies and to the Guest in Marriage functions.

Benefits of Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf is a Natural Analgesic When you apply heated leaf on the affected pain areas externally, you will get immediate relief from pain stemming from cuts, bruises, inflammation. By Chewing two Tamalapaku leaf and swallow the its juice works just as well.

Improve Digestion reduce Constipation

Betel leaf cures stomach or digestive issues, chewing on betel leaves and swallow the its juice will reduce the constipation problem. Because betel leaf has huge content of antioxidants and alkaline property. And it controls balance PH level in required level, and eat this leaf on an empty stomach, you find yourself having good feeling and pain-less bowel movements eventually.

Tamalapaku leaf control the production of stomach acids which balanced PH are needed to absorb vitamins and nutrients by body. If your gut isn’t working properly, it’s not going to absorb the nutrients you get properly use betel leaf it will fixes your gastric juices and digestive acidity problem are secreting right state. Eliminates indigestion and stimulates digestion.

Tamalapaku leaf is capable of releasing gas from the stomach. It is a natural It strengthens the brain, heart, liver. Strengthening the nervous system will increase the memory ability, give pudding juice to the schooling children.

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Betel Leaf for cough

Betel Leaf has medicinal property to control and cure cold and cough and sneezing nose. Two Betel leaf with 2 Black pepper chewed in mouth and swallow the juice will give immediate relief for cold and cough.

Heat a little mustard oil in the Tamalapaku leaf. Keep the Tamalapaku leaf in it lightly. When these heated leaf are placed in the breast of the young child, the mucus is dissolved.

Betel leaf benefits

when you down with severe sore throat you may try spicy betel leaf soup which is quick to prepare, with addition to black peeper corns, cumin seeds and little ginger and little salt. It does turn out spicy and tasty to drink and relieve cough and severe sore throat.

Tamalapaku leaf fight against cancer Cell

Betel leaf has health benefits as they are loaded with vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, thiamine, carotene and good source of calcium and anti oxidant anti bacterial property fight against cancer cell. Chewing betel leaf shall prevent oral cancer, as it helps maintain the correct levels of ascorbic acid in the saliva. For this boil 5 betel leaves for a few minutes and leave it to cool down and add honey to the boiled water. Drinking this on a daily basis can help fight cancer cell.

Betel leaf alone is a source of phenolic compounds that possess antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative and anti-bacterial properties. Studies have found that chemo-preventive potential of betel leaves against various types of cancer.

Betel Leaf for diabetes & Weight loss

Betel leaf helps reduce diabetes: It has medicinal components present in betel leaves can reduce the Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels, thus treating diabetes. Instead of talking english medicine we can use Betel leaf contains amazing substances like tannins, saponins, and flavonoids. It also has an anti-diabetes compound. only few of people are aware of betel leaf is a natural remedies for diabetes. For this boil 5 Tamalapaku leaves for a few minutes and leave it to cool down and add salt for taste in boiled water drink a cup twice a day.

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No body knows the betel leaf is very effective medicine for weight loss. It will melt the fat and make healthy body. chewing 4 betel leaf with 5 black pepper corn swallow the juice for 15 days and monitor weight from day one and after 25 days Surprisingly your weight get reduced.

Studies have state that betel leaf helps in lowering high levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density (LDL)cholesterol and very low-density (VLDL) cholesterol. Furthermore, it also helps to increase high-density (HDL) cholesterol levels which promotes effective weight loss.

Boil the fresh betel leaves along with mint leaves for few minutes in water till the leaves become tender. Strain and filter the mixture. Let it cool down Add one spoon lemon juice.
Add a pinch of cardamom powder. Drink it daily early in the morning for speedy weight loss.

Research has revealed that dried betel leaf powder has the able to reduce blood sugar levels in individuals of type 2 diabetes and this herbal remedy has without any side effects.

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