Probiotics Foods

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What is Probiotics ? Probiotics can be defined in terms of  live bacteria and yeasts are good to improve your health and stomach, especially your […]

rock salt

Rock Salt

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Rock Salt – Medical benefits Western researchers have found that there is a number of health risks in thyroid, and they have been advised to […]

water purifier

Water Purifier – Naturally

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Water Purifier – Strychnos potatorum  / Clearing nut   is the most efficient for water treatment and purify water naturally. Buy a desired amount of Clearing nuts […]

fermented rice

Fermented Rice (Palaya soru)

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Fermented Rice pazhaya (palaya) soru – Medical Benefits of south Indian food fermented rice ( Palaya soru) How to make pazhaya soru america Traditionally rice […]


King of Herbal – Haritaki

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The King for herb Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) its medical benefits. Haritaki is one main key ingredient in triphala and famous rejuvenating herb. Common name of  […]



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Amla Qualities: Detoxification agent, antioxidant, rejuvenative, fights free radicals. Supports: Mental functioning, digestive system, food absorption, cardiovascular system, circulation, urinary system, healthy vision, clear skin, […]