Gandharva Haritaki Kadukkai podi – Harad in english

Gandharva Haritaki is miraculous fruit with immense healing power. Kadukkai podi – Harad in english and it is good liver tonic. People those who wants to live 100 year over, then only secret is The King for herb Gandharva Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

Medicinal benefits of Gandharva Haritaki

Haritaki is one main key ingredient in triphala and famous rejuvenating herb. Common name of  this herb are Indian hog plum and Kadukkai podi. It is miraculous fruit with immense healing power. Most important point about this herb  increases longevity and it is good liver tonic. It is natural compound that is very essential for promoting overall body health and for the support of digestive system and functioning. According to ayurvedic medicinal system powdered form of this herbal is used in the treatment of intermittent and chronic fevers, polyuria and anemia.

Practical Use of Kadukkai podi Gandharva Haritaki

Haritaki is very effective in gout, asthma and hiccups. It acts as tonic for nervous system and it is very effective in nervous weakness and promotes power of senses. It is anti-inflammatory and astringent in nature and it is also helpful in urinary tract infections.

Gandharva Haritaki fruit remove toxins from the body and can boost the digestive system. It also helps the body in many ways such as heartburn, prevents bloating and helps in the proper assimilation of food in the stomach and a natural blood purifier that can help to eliminate toxins in the body. Regular consumption of Haritaki can regulate hunger when combined with proper diet and exercise to weight lose.

Kadukkai podi is a miraculous herb with versatile effects and this single herb is used to cure various disorders associated with body. Fruits are used for curative purposes and used to cure various disorders associated with obesity.
Ripe fruit is used for treating ophthalmic disorders, diseases of spleen and piles. Gandharva Haritaki Fruit pulp is also rich in medicinal properties and it acts as astringent to cure bleeding gums, loose gums and ulceration of gums. Fruit paste is used externally to reduce inflammation Heartburn, cleansing and quick healing of wounds. Kadukkai podi is very beneficial herb for gastro intestinal disorders and it gives wonderful results in splenic enlargement. It is also used to increase appetite. you can be buy the product from here.

Gandharva Haritaki Churna

gandharva haritaki

Hair Growth

Gandharva Haritaki Churna is an amazing herb that can be helpful in treating hair loss problems. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium, copper etc., which is helpful in hair growth. It can be used in many ways such by eating, applying powder on hair or using Gandharva haritaki hair oil.

Gandharva haritaki has the power to soothe the sores in the mouth, throat, stomach and intestines. Stimulates bowel power to relieve constipation. It stimulates the appetite and cleanses the blood and cures many ailments caused by rheumatic gall bladder.
Curing ear disease. Gandharva haritaki strengthens, dilates, cures ulcers, conjunctivitis, cough, jaundice, hand and foot itching, gastritis, nausea, chest pain, diarrhea, constipation, hiccups, etc.

How to Use Ggandharva Haritaki

Brushing your teeth with Gandharva haritaki Kadukkai podi powder cures gingivitis and stops bleeding from the gums; The tooth is firm
2 g of Gandharva haritaki powder taken with water in the evening will cure jaundice. It also cures anemia, hand and foot irritation and white spots on the skin.

25 g of Kadukkai podi, Gandharva haritaki powder, boiled in a tumbler of water and diluted to 50 ml, can control eye disease and diabetes.

Stomach ulcers can be cured by frying Gandharva haritaki powder in equal amount of ghee and mixing it with Hindu salt and consuming 2 grams.

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