Google meet vs zoom meeting

Google meet vs zoom : May 1ast week google has launched Enterprise Video conferencing and Meeting and screen sharing software to all Gmail Users. Now every Gmail users can avail and conduct their own meeting with their company people or with friends and relatives for free.

When we talk about video conferencing tools zoom meeting is the 1st one most of the users used in past time. Now the Google hangout is little bit modified and introduced as google meet as a new tool for video conferencing and web minor presentation tool for Enterprise Customers.

As all of us know that all the google tools are most trusted and most of the services are offered free for gmail Users, Like the way zoom meet also going to competitor for Zoom meeting. Due to Users nonsatisfaction of zoom security issues. Enterprise companies are looking for the trusted product with lower cost.

Comparing to similarities, Zoom gets a little bit good with more advanced features pros. To being with, it able to change video background in real-time, apply beauty filters, and get conferance transcript (available on the paid plan). one more, it brings option on presentation tools and allows participants to virtually raise their hands by pressing a button so that the Meeting host knows who wants to speak with them. Zoom Meeting syncs with your calendar offers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop and mobile.

Zoom collaboration tools Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously and co-annotate for a more interactive meeting. zoom has Waiting Room feature that Make sure you know who comes into your meetings by enabling the Waiting Room feature and deliberately admitting your participants for increased security. Admit one participant or everyone at once, and even send a invitation to those waiting for your meeting.

You have option in zoom to conduct polls and allow multiple people to share their screen at the same time. Plus, there’s a virtual whiteboard participants can annotate using the annotation tools available. Zoom also lets you create breakout rooms where you can split our Zoom meeting participants into 50 separate sessions.

Google Meet Vs Zoom – Integrations

Zoom supports hundreds of third-party integrations, including services from Google Drive, Slack, Google Chrome, Zapier, Sales Drive, Facebook Centrify, Outlook, OneDrive, and more.

Likewise, Google Meet works seamlessly with their Google apps such as Google Chat, Google Drive, Gmail, and many. Plus, it allows you to connect with other G Suite tools such as Google Calendar, which allow creat and edit a meeting within a few clicks.

Google Meet hangouts Vs Zoom Security and Privacy

Zoom meeting has lately been going to be bad phase, being criticized over multiple security and privacy issue, including Zoom bombing, camera hijack, and data shared with Facebook, all of this is rectified now, but still users feel unsafe. because of traffic are not encrypted Not only that but recently over half a million Zoom accounts were found being sold by hackers on the on block market web.

All of it makes Zoom a dubious choice for privacy-minded people. However, the company has stranded new feature development for three months and is continually working on strengthening its security. Google Meet, in comparison, is a more trusted and secure platform.

Google Meet hangouts employs an array of counter-abuse protections to keep your meetings safe. These include anti-hijacking measures for both web meetings and dial-ins.

You can now enjoy high-quality video with audio content in a Google Meet hangouts video call. You can do this through a Chrome tab feature. Now, when you use this feature with video content playing, everyone in the meeting will view and hear the video and audio being shared by you. This means you can confidently use videos, gifs, animations, and other media in your meetings.

Google Meet will now auto enhance your video to adapt to low light conditions. Now, you can take a video call from any light condition, even with low optimal lighting, on your Android or iOS device without fear that others on the call won’t be able to see you.

Limitations in Zoom

Zoom, give its free plan, allows up to 100 people can join in a meeting with a limit of 40 minutes. For paid plan the support increases to up to 1,000 people at a time, based on the plan you get.

To host a meeting on Zoom, hosting person to the Zoom app or web, and sign in to your account. Soon, they will get your personal meeting ID and meeting URL that can be shared with participants to start the meeting instantly. The recipients don’t need to create an account, but they’ll be forced to download the app. One can also connect using the web application.

Limitations in google meet

In comparison with zoom, Google Meet grant up to 100 participants per call with the basic plan, which increases up to 250 people at a time with the expensive enterprise plan. For Google Meet Through September 30, 2020, G Suite customers have free access to advanced Google Meet video conference features, such as larger meetings (up to 250 participants), live streaming, and recording. After September 30, Google Meet feature availability will be determined by the customer’s G Suite license agreement. Recorded meetings, however, will stay in the respective owner’s Drive.

Both zoom and Google meet video conferencing software and apps for PC, Mobile, and Laptops that allow one-on-one and group meetings. Some of unaware google most popular hangout platform available to the Gsuite Customers.

Zoom meet has the feature of both free and commercial. In Free edition a Single user can conduct meeting with 100 members. During hosting meeting, the host can disable a enable Microphone and camera, and host can share the screen, chat, transfer the files inconference messaging during conversation. While Google meet offer free phone dial facility but zoom charges for that. Both zoom and google meet offers call recording option to the viewers and view them on later on time. Zoom offer Local recording for free and cloud recording for Paid users. But Google meet call recording is directly recorded on google drive in desktop version, but Gsuite administrator has to provide permission to do that.

How to Start Google Meet

Now the Google Meet Option is inbuilt with Gmail from this moth gmail User can access google meet service right from from their Gmail window. They Host meeting and Join the meeting very simple 2 step process. find screen shot below inside gmail box Google meet, Start a Meeting and Join a meeting button is available. Just clicking this button from laptop or desktop will start or join meeting very easily.

Google meet vs zoom

Google Meet Host screen look like this.. From this you click the Join Now button.

google meet demo

Next screen show Your meeting screen with unique meeting id and also option available to share your meting id with your contacts on gmail account or copy link and share with user do you want. on screen caption, Screen sharing with entire screen or Particular application alone shared with meeting participants. Meeting recording option not available in free version of google meet.

google meet vs zoom

Google Meet Vs Zoom – Pricing

Google meet price

Google meeting with free plan single meeting with 100 participants with duration of 1 hour, join from browser and invite external users, and Paid option G Suite Essentials cost of 10$ Per user per month. Maximum Meeting Participants 150 and maximum duration of 300 hrs and number of meeting is unlimited. Another package is G Suite Enterprise Essentials cost not disclosed to public. Maximum Meeting Participants 250 and maximum duration of 300 hrs and number of meeting is unlimited.

Zoom give highly flexible plans, including Basic free plan and , Pro, Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise+. The Basic plan allows a maximum of 100 participants at a time with a 40 min time limit. The Pro plan starts as $14.99 per month, combines all basic features with 24-hour meeting duration no limit, and 1GB of cloud record storage. Larger teams can select this Business and Enterprise plans, which include 300 and 500 participants, respectively.

Supported Platform

Zoom can be used on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. Besides, it can be installed as a plugin for MS Outlook, and as extension on Firefox, Chrome browsers. It also offers a web application.

Google Meet, on the other side doesn’t have a unique app for desktop or laptop users, being it on Windows or Mac. It can only be accessed through a web browser. Android and iPhone users can download the app and make use of it.

Google Meet Vs Zoom for Education & Teachers

With the spread of covid 19 pandemic situation, all organizations and education institutions, Teachers in entire the world are moving to remote working and teaching through collaboration software and video-conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, Google meet Hangout Gsuite, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. Zoom, especially, a report says its user base rise to nearly three times that of Teams with a total volume.

To help schools, education institutions teachers and students during the world COVID-19 pandemic situation, Zoom has offering 40-minute meeting limitation on free Basic accounts for schools, colleges and education institutions across the Country.

Google meet Hangout Gsuit is offering premium video conferencing features education institutions, teachers and IT admins for free till September 30, 2020. Schools and colleges preparing for school closures will now be able to access through Google Meet features like larger meetings up to 250 participants in single meeting , live streaming offers up to 100,000 viewers, and able to record meetings and store them to Google Drive.

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