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How to improve Google Search Ranking

How to improve Google organic Search Ranking for free

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How to improve Google organic Search Ranking for free on your website SEO, How to improve website Seo, Boost your website on Google, increase website ranking and traffic, improve and increase seo score, increase site ranking, Boost Seo on Website likewise all question end with below detailed and simple steps and with a little time and strategy you can improve and increase your position on the search engine page to achieve this do this step by step. Let us see this point by point.

1. Domain Name and Hosting

While selecting domain name for your website it should be unique, generic name that can be easily remember every one as freeshare.in myelectriccar.in and if possible get with dot com website. For Hosting Please chose correct hosting provider with good configuration of server back end and increase site loading speed is a first and for most thing to improve and increase Google organic Search Ranking.

2. Website and Free CMS

After choosing Domain name hosting, according to your required you need to build the webpage by HTML content or through CMS Like WordPress, Zoomla, Drupa, Typo3, Impress Page etc., free website builder, what ever thing you comfortable with CMS and have good support and regular updates and plugin support is important while choosing free CMS for website. My Point of view WordPress is one of the best cms among the above have huge number of themes and plugins for improve SEO ranking and Mobile ready website.

3. Website Content – improve organic search

After choosing the CMS you need Select content for your website, your site may be Blog, News, Sports Site, Product Review site, E commerce etc. Whatever it may be in your site content you start to post is very unique content and attractive with regular updates, because google love only unique content not a copied and duplicate content of other website. If you copy article or news content from other website then your site ranking will be decreased from google and you loose organic traffic from google. Unfortunately if you need to copy any content from other website means that copied content to be rewritten without duplication. This can be done manually but it time consuming task. To make this task easier some website offers news rewrite service which are Easybot, prepostseo etc, you can find more number of site like this on google organic search. Once rewritten content to be ensured for duplication, this can be done on PLAGIARISM CHECKER website to increase seo ranking for free.

How to increase Google Search Ranking for free

4. How to select Heading and keywords

While Selecting Content Heading is Important factor which will pulls google organic traffic to your website which increase website visitors. For Example you try to write article on How to grow hair faster before chose heading please type this keyword on google search box this will give more number of keyword search topic related to above. example of the search screen given below.

From the above screen you see huge number of keywords suggestion given by google which already user has been searched on google. We need to find which keywords on the above has been most of the user searched. How can we find this most searched keyword, for this google offers Free Google Keyword Planner Tool. From this Keyword planner you may find the most searched keyword. This all keyword shall be used in our article but only one heading shall be select which in top most position. I have given screen shot of Keyword Planner below. In the below result we may choose medium competition with high search volume keyword is workout better to come up in google Ist page easily example Keyword : how to grow beard faster.

5. How to improve Google organic Search Ranking – Get SEO Factors on Articles

Before writ the article search same keyword mentioned on GOOGLE How to grow hair Faster and find the competitor on the google search result website. Copy that 1st 3 search result of website are competitor for our Website keyword. we need to know what is the secret behind that website is coming in 1st page of google. Then only we follow the same trick and apply that on our website to come forward in google. From the result below you see thecut.com, cosomopolitan.com, healthline.com are all top competitor for above keyword. we need to beat them and grow up how…?

How to improve Google Search Ranking

6. Find Keyword density of the website

We need to find keyword density of the competitor website by using Website counter Tools. which will give details report of this website how keyword used and its count etc… see the screen shot below result you find hair keyword used 50 times, grow keyword used growth 5 time hairgrowth 9 times and faster keyword 5 time. From this conclusion we need to write the article with we use above keyword more than this number count in our website which will enable improve and increase Google organic Search Ranking. Not only this keyword density alone sufficient to come up in google. We need to get back link to our website from High page ranked website.

How to improve Google Search Ranking

7. How to check website Back link ?

We can check backup link of any site with this neilpatel website offering this service. Like this website there are huge number of website offering this kind of SEO services which can be find from google search result. Here we checked backlink for the thecut.com website please the screen result below. from this you see this site have 20,20,396 back link this is great thing. This can not be achieved in single day or month its long time effort and user interaction to get back link like this. No need worry we select the keyword less competitor website and target on them and study the back link. If the back link qty is with 10 to 20 means. Normally Back link is two type High page ranked website back link and low page ranked website we can create this back link with high page ranked website.

How to check google organic page rank for web site for

To check website page rank us this free toll link checkpagerank It will shows the page rank of any website. from the below screen shot you see the page rank for thecut.com which has 7/10 google page rank and cpr score 7.7, domain authority is 87. likewise we can use this toll to How to improve Google organic Search Ranking.

How to improve Google Search Ranking

How to get backlink for our website ?

Website Back link plays Major roll in google organic page rank. This google Page rank decides whether your website come first or lost in google search page result. How we get back link by posting comments on High page ranked websites. Circulating your website article links on social media like facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, blogs, sharing Articles and link on facebook groups and other famous platform and create page on facebook and regularly post link which you new posted on your website. And one more thing that keep in mind to update your article regular interval it may conversation like get comments from uses and give reply, to maintain your page ranks always top position.


If you follow above these steps corretly over a period of time your website pages ranked will google you get huge number of google organic traffic with out spending any month. If you any question and suggestion to improve this article please comment us. Good luck.

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