Kitchen direction according to Vastu for Good Health

What to do, what not to do in the kitchen direction according to Vastu for Good Health, 20 things kitchen against direction It is necessary to make kitchen according to Vastu, otherwise, it can cause disease, grief, and waste of money. Barkat has lasted and there is always a shortage of food. That is why today we know what to do and what not to do in the kitchen.

What to do in the kitchen vastu10 things:

The kitchen should be at an igneous angle: According to Vastu science, a kitchen in an igneous angle is auspicious. The ruling planet in this direction is Venus. If the kitchen is not at the igneous angle, then it adversely affects the health of the people living in the house, especially women. There is also a loss of food and money. This can lead to many digestive diseases. If the kitchen is not in the fire, then it will run in the east, otherwise, it will run in the west and north also. Vastu defects are created from the rest of the directions.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers: Place pictures of beautiful fruits and vegetables on the kitchen stand in the kitchen. Also, if you put a picture of Annapurna Mata, then there will be blessings in the house.

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Such a picture of Ganesh ji: In the house where the kitchen is not in the southeast ie igneous angle, then to remove the Vastu defect, the picture of vermilion Ganeshji should be placed in the northeast of the kitchen, that is, in the northeast.

Alpana: Sneezing Chowk in the kitchen, Mother Annapurna’s blessings remain, for this special flower-shaped Alpana is made, for which 5 meals are made. Various grains-wealth-grains are engraved in symbolism in every meal. The lamp is placed in the middle of this Alpina made in a round shape. Often you can see this type of Alpina or Mandana in rural or tribal homes of Gujarat, Malwa, Nimar, or Rajasthan.

Rishis performing Yajna: If your kitchen is built in some other direction without being in the firing angle, then put a portrait of the sages there while performing the Yagya.

Do Agnihotra Karma: Just as we give food and water to the needy, in the same way, by means of which we have created this other fire, then offer it also. This is called Agnihotra Karma. Agnihotra karma is done in two ways, first is that whenever we eat food before we offer it to the fire. The second way is by making an altar of Yagya and performing Havan.

Color of the kitchen: Orange color can be done on the wall of the fireplace. Yellow or orange color should be used in the south-east room.
Apply salt wipes: Wiping with sea salt once a week in the kitchen (except Thursday) brings peace in the house. After eliminating all the negative energy of the house, there are no quarrels in the house and the abode of Lakshmi remains permanent.

Eat food while sitting in the kitchen: According to Vastu and astrology, food should be eaten where there is a kitchen. It does not affect Rahu and Ketu. Eating food where there is no roof will keep the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu active. Even in Lal Kitab, it is advised to eat food while sitting in the kitchen.

In which direction, should be placed: Put the water filter in the northeast. Any power point in the kitchen like a mixer, grinder, microwave, or oven should be placed on the south side of the platform. Always keep the fridge at the west angle. The loft and wardrobe should be on the south or west wall in the kitchen. The most important part of the kitchen, the platform should always be in the east and the sink and fire angle should be kept in the northeast.

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What not to do in the kitchen, 10 things:

  1. The plate should never be placed on the kitchen stain after having a meal.
  2. Water and fire should never be kept close by in the kitchen.
  3. There should never be any door or window in the south of the kitchen. Keep the window towards the east.
  4. Never make a granite floor or platform in the kitchen, nor should there be any such thing as a mirror, because it has the opposite effect and increases the situation of discord in the house.
  5. Avoid the use of blue or sky color in the kitchen.
  6. Do not keep broken utensils, atlas or brooms in the kitchen.
  7. Water dripping from the kitchen tap is a sign of economic loss. If water is leaking from any vessel in the house, get it repaired.
  8. If ants-cockroaches, rats, or other insects are roaming in the kitchen, then be careful, they will eat your health and wellness. Keep the kitchen clean and beautiful.
  9. Do not cook any type of food in aluminum in the kitchen, it is injurious to health. This can lead to diseases like skin diseases and cancer. Although in German you can freeze yogurt.
  10. There should be no toilet or bathroom in front of or near the kitchen.

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