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Life hacks – Reuse Laptop Battery for Emergency Lights

Life Hacks – Here we see how to reuse the Laptop Battery for Emergency Lights. In most of the house having emergency light. After certain period of the time of usage may be 2 year or 3 year later, Batteries of the emergency light fails.

That time most of the people throw away the light and buy new one, and also in most of the home having laptops. We replace the laptop battery when it fails to give backup time. On that time we throw away the old laptop Battery.

If we open the Laptop battery there we find 6 nos of 18650 type 3.7 v cells inside this unit. We split the Unit and get the cells from the battery one or two cells are failed others are  found in good condition. This can be ensured by Checking voltage of each cell. It its voltage is 3.8 and above means, that cell is good condition. If it is below 3 Volt means, that cell is failed. We can use the 3.8 and above voltage measured cell in emergence lights. This fully charged cell can run the emergency light upto 4 to 5 hrs.

And one more thing I want to mention here that we also use the failed cell having voltage less then 3V for running wall clock. I have given detailed video for the wall clock Life Hacks in below videos.

This good condition cells of 3 or 4 nos combined together use in Failed emergency light to make it work.

I have given details video this article, may helpful for you.

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