Make mineral water at home ?

Water Purifier – Strychnos potatorum  / Clearing nut   is the most efficient for water treatment and purify water naturally. Buy a desired amount of Clearing nuts from Ayurveda shop. Put this 5 to 10 Clearing nuts on mud pot and leave it for 8 hours, after 8 hrs the water is purified for drinking and its PH value is 8 and above. This water is very good for health and fitness. This  traditional method is used by ancient Indians for purifying and get healthy water on olden days.

It removes all contamination and harmful particles from the water and gives clean water.  For purifying salty well water they put half Kg of Clearing nut on well water, over a period the well water become tasty drinking water, not only it purify the well water also it purify the sea water too.

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