How to eat and What to Eat for Long Life

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner… should be like this!

Starting from the saying of Thirumoolar, “Udambai vakurthen vayovarkuthene” to the proverb ‘If you are hungry, ten will fly away’, everything is about the importance of food and the health that is obtained through it. The two-step kurala says, ‘Don’t ask for medicine, praise and eat what you don’t drink’. After getting hungry knowing that the previous food has been digested, the next meal should be taken; Thirukkural says that if that happens, the body of a human being will not have any need for medicine alone, and that food itself will be the medicine.

It is important to take the right food at the right time and in the right amount. The methods of food intake are given in the Tamil book ‘Aasarakovai’. Let’s see the explanations of those notes.

Asarakowai songs and their interpretations! He ate lying down; He stood and ate; He ate silver;

Best ate much; He ate on the bed; Die, eat nothing, stop! – (Song 23)
Do not lean or stand while eating. Even if it is a favorite food, it should not be eaten to fill the stomach. Don’t stand outside and eat. Likewise, one should not eat while sitting on the bed.
While eating, one should sit in a sitting position and eat with the utensil slightly below the sitting position. This position allows food to pass smoothly into the stomach.
Shop everything, head
As an interlude that is eliminated by mechum type,

To wash, by method, to injure – (Song 25)
Sweet foods and curries should be eaten first, bitter foods last, and other savory foods in between.

It is very important that the food we eat should also contain nutrients. When sweets are consumed first, saliva secretion increases and digestion is stimulated, these actions help the food to be digested well and make you hungry for the next meal. Difficulty eating other foods after eating bitter foods. So the bitter taste should be eaten at last. Meanwhile other sour, astringent and salty tasting items can be eaten.

Importance of breakfast
Breakfast is the source of energy for the day. After dinner and approximately 7 hours of sleep, we prepare for breakfast, the body needs energy to function after this long interval. Therefore, our organs are ready to receive and digest food and provide energy to the body and the body and brain need glucose to function. This glucose is absorbed by the body from breakfast.

Recent studies suggest that people who regularly skip breakfast are more likely to develop diabetes, so breakfast should be taken regularly
How should breakfast be?
It is better to take moderate foods which are easily digestible and give good energy to the body.

Fruits other than sour fruits can be taken in the morning because sour fruits are more acidic and can cause stomach ulcers People with ulcers should avoid banana juice, tea and coffee on an empty stomach.

Occasional meals
Lunch should be a full meal consisting of sweet fruits vegetables pulses sambar, rasam and buttermilk

Dinner should be easily digestible food like breakfast A short walk after meal is best Avoid tea, coffee etc. drinks after dinner will give restful deep sleep

Other general advice
Do not drink any beverage like tea or coffee half an hour before taking food and also after an hour after taking such drinks.

Many people today do not eat bitter and astringent foods in their diet which is completely wrong and should be included in the diet. The food should be chewed thoroughly and swallowed with saliva. Avoid drinking water between meals. Although it is a favorite food, it is better to eat three-quarters of the stomach without eating too much