Natural Hair Dye

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Caraway leaves are enough to turn white hair black in just 5 minutes. This hair dye is 100% side effect free!!

Eighty out of one hundred people have this gray hair problem. what to do. Health and beauty diminish with time. Gray hair is coming soon. Looks like it’s aging fast. This is due to the chemical that now touches anything. Even the food we eat does not have absolute natural health. Eating healthy food, adding more cardamom in the food, eating food items rich in iron, vegetables and greens should be added to the food. Gray hair can occur due to nutritional deficiency. Or some people have hereditary gray hair early. Whatever the reasons, you have gray hair. Close your eyes and try this curry recipe.

We need two or three handfuls of curry leaves. Wash the fenu greek seeds in clean water and dry them with a cloth. If not, dry it in fan air for an hour. Any green curry leaves without water can be used for this recipe. Dry cardamom can also be used. It is our choice.

Place a pan in the oven and fry this curry leaves. You know how. Roast the curry leaves until it turns black and let it cool. Then if we put roasted caraway leaves in a mixing jar and grind them finely, we will get caraway hair dye powder in black color.

Grind this powder well and store it in a bottle. It won’t spoil for months. You have showered your head. If you look, you can see white hair. It should be changed to black immediately. What does Attunu take a small bowl and put the required amount of black pepper powder, pour a little water and wash it and apply the black dye on the white hair. The dye will dry in five minutes. Then you can go with the headgear as usual. (If required, you can also mix this caraway leaf hair dye with coconut oil and rub it on your head.) But this black color will disappear when you take a bath again.

By applying this blackcurrant powder, your gray hair will gradually turn black hair permanently. When you are at home, mix prepared black cardamom powder, aloe vera gel and coconut oil in a small bowl and apply it on your scalp. Leave it on the head for 1 hour, even 2 hours. Leave it. Then you can apply a gentle shampoo and wash. There is a high chance that your hair will turn black permanently if you keep doing this.

When we go natural way it takes few days to get results from it. Try this note if you want. You will notice a good difference in your gray hair in three months. If you like this tip, try it.