Neem Flower Benefits

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Neem Flower Health Benefits : Neem flower has huge number of heath benefits and uses which can be used from ancient time. Our ancestors had know the Medical miracle of Neem flower, from these we may see some of it use and their Medicinal Benefits.

Neem flower is considered an antiseptic that can cleanse your system. It is also known to cure skin impurities when applied neem paste on the skin. There are quite a few South Indian dishes that incorporate neem flower.

Neem Flower Chutney is used mix with hot rice, ghee and jaggery tastier to eat it will cure nausea and vomiting and Hunger can be increased overwhelming.

Drinking neem fruit juice will gradually heal skin problem and irritation.

Soup made from Neem flower add with pepper, tomato, ginger, salt the potential to wipe out all the bad germs in the body, Cures leprosy ulcers.

Grind 3gm neem seeds with a little jaggery and eat it in the morning and evening for 40 days it will benefits cures piles problem.

Long-term eating of Neem flower Powder will cure disorders such as skin rashes, sunburns, nervousness, and bowel problems can be a relief. Neem tree blossoms can be beneficial for treating gastrointestinal upsets and appetite.

If the neem flower is dried in the sun make it powder and mixed with lentil powder, This mixer is consumed with rice will cure vomiting, Acidity and stomach related disorders.

If you put the neem flower in boiling water when steam comes from this we inhale this steam will cure headache and ear pain. Neem tree air can cure many ailments.

Neem Flower chutney

Today i have come up with a very healthy chutney. I have prepared this chutney One method does has coconut go well with rice, idlis and also with dosas. The one with coconut is the one i love for it’s taste.The coconut, ginger and the neem flower combo is just awesome and it is not that bitteras you imagine. Tasty healthy and flavourful.

With coconut:
Dry Neem Flower – 1 tablespoon
Coconut- 2 tablespoons
Dry red chilli-1
Small/Pearl onion-1
Ginger-1 small piece
Tamarind- small pinch
Salt- to taste


  1. Dry roast the neem flower in a pan till dark brown colour till the aroma arises and get roasted well. Do not burn them while roasting.
  2. In a blender jar add the roasted neem flowers with coconut, dry red chilli, small onion, ginger, tamarind and salt.
  3. Grind as a coarse paste by adding very little water to grind.

Neem flower tea is benefits for those suffering from indigestion, stomach problems and constipation. Excessive sourness and gastric pain in the body is not only recommended to treat nausea but also cleanses the toxins from the blood.

Toothache, mouth problems, sore throat, bleeding gums, etc. can be corrected with neem. Marginal cancer tumors, rich in polysaccharides, are very effective in reducing lymphocytic leukemia.

Diabetic persons should continue to consume neem leaves. Because neem reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, it stimulates the adrenaline and glucose in the taste and controls the amount of excess sugar in the blood. Neem flower soup helps relieve indigestion and increase good appetite. Neem tree flowers are chewed for gastrointestinal upsets and appetite.