Refreshing Mint Leaves

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Mint greens leaves contain water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin A, nicotinic acid, ribomine, and thiamin. The main point is that no matter how the chutney or juice is used, its general qualities do not change.

Mint leaves can also be chewed raw. All medical benefits are available. People suffering from vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite should prepare and add

Pudinath Duwayyal and Pudinasatni

If mint leaves are ground without water and applied externally, the pain of muscle pain, nerve pain, headache and gout pain will be reduced. Mint also controls asthma.

For people with sore throat, grind mint greens and apply it on the outside of the throat to cure sore throat.

Take 60 grams of mint leaves and soak them in 200 ml water for three hours and drink this water to get rid of constipation.

It helps in killing stomach worms. Eliminates flatulence. Mint is a good medicine for cold and phlegm disorders.

For foot irritation caused by bile, a handful of mint mixed with rock salt and roasted in a bare pan, wrapped in a cloth with heat and applied to the irritated foot will reduce the irritation.

If shortness of breath needs to stop immediately, take a small amount of mint leaves and soak them in water for three hours and drink this pickled water to relieve shortness of breath.

Easily digests non-vegetarian food and fatty foods. Blood is pure. Remove Bad breath. Stimulates good appetite. Constipation will be cured. Mint helps to solve menstrual problems in women.

Mint leaves also help to eliminate impotence and enjoy complete domestic pleasure. It helps in killing stomach worms. Eliminates flatulence.

Mint leaves are also used as an excellent remedy for jaundice, rheumatism, dry cough, asthma and nervousness. People with acne and dry skin can benefit from applying this extract on their face.

Mix mint juice, garlic juice and lemon juice and apply it on the hair and let it soak. After some time the dandruff will disappear. Hair also shines like silk.